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I have a specific interest in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). This is a common neurodevelopmental disorder which is not well studied. There are many myths and misinformation surrounding ADHD causing most people to have an incorrect understanding. Training, related to ADHD, in medical universities and family medicine residency programs and even psychiatry is very limited. For these reasons, hundreds of people who live with ADHD are not even aware of their condition.

ADHD treatment makes a huge difference in people's lives and I am determined to help fill the existing gaps within the current system. Although treating individual patients is part of my mission, I would be more satisfied if I could help address ADHD as a public health problem on a larger scale. I try my best to not only provide care for individuals, but also to make changes within the existing mental health and ADHD care system.

My dream is to establish a specialized non profit center for ADHD care and treatment. This center will include advanced training for practitioners interested in this area of healthcare, and will provide solid grounds for research. It is my sincere hope that this endeavor will be a rewarding and enriching addition to mental healthcare in the province and in Canada.
Dr. Mitra Motamedi