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Do you need care for mental health and ADHD?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a part of mental health. Dr. Motamedi currently accepts referrals who require treatment for mental health and ADHD. Referrals can be faxed to 833-358-0654.  

Individuals who only need an ADHD assessment are encouraged to make an appointment with a psychologist or other available sources.

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Dr. Mitra Motamedi

Dr. Motamedi is a compassionate physician who loves her job. She goes above and beyond to help people who need medical care. As her practise developed over the years, she became particularly interested in supporting patients with mental health issues, particularly ADHD.
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How It Works

How does Dr. Motamedi work?

Dr. Motamedi is a family physician who provides longitudinal care. She books her patients who need to be examined for in-person visits. However, the focus of this platform is for patients with mental health conditions and/or ADHD who can be treated virtually. Patients who need to be examined are encouraged to attend their nearest walk-in clinic. The ongoing care may stop earlier based on the following two conditions: firstly, the disorder may be too complicated to be managed by Dr. Motamedi, particularly using a virtual format, and secondly, if there is a breach in trust and the patient- doctor professional relationship.

Dr Motamedi’s virtual practice is currently accessed through MyHealthAccess which is a secure portal. You will need to upload the app on your cell phone and provide permission for your camera and microphone. It is important that you have reliable access to the internet to check your messages and emails regularly. Communication such as reminders and notifications take place through this app. You can upload files and images with your messages. To discuss specific medical issues, you will need to book an appointment.

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What is this website for?

This website is designed not only to facilitate access to care and treatment, but also to share relevant knowledge and experience, empower people in self-educating themselves, and connection to existing resources.

As part of assessment for any mental health concern you can complete and submit a screening questionnaire for ADHD. You will be guided for the next steps.

There are no contact details listed on this website, however, if you are a patient and have a medical concern, you can reach us by obtaining a referral.

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Open Letter to Authorities: ADHD Training Must Be Included In Curriculums

The purpose of this letter is to highlight the particularly urgent need to train family doctors, GPs, and psychiatrists in screening, diagnosing, and treating ADHD by including this condition in our provincial psychiatry and family medicine residency programs.

Action Plan: Creating Equitable Access to ADHD Care in Canada

ADHD is one of the most common childhood disorders in Canada. The cost of untreated ADHD to Canadian Taxpayers are enormous. We are calling for the Government of Canada to create an advisory group as part of the National Mental Health Standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

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